About MENORQUINA ice cream desserts

Ice cream specialities
Ice cream

Delicious creamy ice cream with pieces of pineapple in real pineapple.

Ice cream sundaes
Ice cream

Delightful banana and chocolate ice cream layered in a glass cup.

Ice cream desserts in ceramics
Ice cream desserts in ceramics

Ice cream desserts
in ceramics

Toys with ice cream
with ice cream

Plastic toy with
vanilla ice cream


Do you want to be different from your competitor’s offer? Do you want to reach your customers with something original? Consider our offer of Spanish deep-frozen ice cream desserts and toys with ice cream inside.

Deep-frozen ice cream desserts composition fully corresponds to requirements for modern eating trends as well as requirements to provide superior services in gastronomy. Its originality captivates each guest immediately.

Ice cream specialities MENORQUINA are made by Spanish company “Grupo Kalise Menorquina s.a.” headquartered in Barcelona. Firm “Negocio Ltd.” headquartered in Hradec Kralove has been exclusive distributor for Czech and Slovak Republic for this global brand of mono-portion ice cream desserts and toys with ice cream inside since 2006.

Distribution of MENORQUINA products and its sales support material is provided by 9 distributors in Bohemia, 8 distributors in Moravia and 3 distributors in Slovak Republic.

Exclusive Menorquina brand representation for Czech and Slovak Republic – Negocio Ltd.

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